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Your Guide to Williamsburg Weddings

One of the most romantic locations for a wedding anywhere in eastern Virginia is Williamsburg. The spectacular locale of Williamsburg VA offers beautiful scenery, unique and charming reception venues, affordable accommodations and a host of wedding services to help you create an unforgettable day in a picture perfect setting.

The historical ambience of Colonial Williamsburg leads many couples to select this city as their location to pledge their eternal devotion to each other. Imagine the thought of being wedded in a church which is nearly three hundred years old, then going from there to your reception in an equally historic tavern, comprised of planked floors and oil lanterns. In most cities this would be impossible. However, in Williamsburg, this is an everyday occurrence.

The historical, colonial ambiance coupled with the nostalgic, European-flare of the land makes for extremely romantic, elegant setting - what a perfect place to have your wedding! Williamsburg is the ideal setting to celebrate your special nuptials. When a couple chooses to be wedded in Williamsburg, it's because they appreciate the charm of this historical city and they choose to take advantage of this. The beauty of the village, the colonial homes and businesses combined with the natural beauty of the area make for an image right out of a storybook.

Whether you choose to get married and have a large reception at one of Williamsburg's reception venues, or decide to secretly elope - look no further than the city of Williamsburg! Celebrate your vows at a hilltop acre estate located in historic Williamsburg, surrounded by century old oak and beech trees. Surround yourself with lush gardens and courtyards as you relax by the fountains on premise. You will find everything you need in order to plan your exceptionally romantic, blissfully beautiful, wedding of your dreams at WilliamsburgWeddings.com!

The unique businesses showcased on this site will help you create an unforgettable day as you begin your new life together. Your wedding day is a personal and intimate reflection of the love you share. Unique Williamsburg accommodations and luxurious reception areas Coupleare plentiful. In Williamsburg VA, we guarantee you the perfect atmosphere for your exceptional day. Locate the most picturesque places and the very best vendors for your wedding by using WilliamsburgWeddings.com.

Find information on Williamsburg reception venues, vendors and honeymoon destinations as well as premier wedding services such as guest accommodationsbridal and tuxedo attire, jewelers and spas that are located in or near the Williamsburg area. Find a travel agent to plan an unforgettable vacation, or better yet plan your honeymoon right here in the romantic city of Williamsburg. Spend your wedding night together in a colonial bed and breakfast or five star resort amidst the rolling hills.

Our Williamsburg Wedding Guide gives you immediate access to a wide variety of wedding professionals. Let us help you find a hotel accommodation that is tailored to your guests needs. Find the perfect, intimate inn or bed and breakfast in the village of Williamsburg to host your wedding ceremony. Pick from a list of professional Williamsburg wedding photographers and caterers in the area. 

Celebrate your special day in Williamsburg VA, where southern charm meets gentle elegance. Let WilliamsburgWeddings.com help you create an extraordinary event that will be remembered for years to come!


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